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To Honor a Lifetime

A memorial should be more than just a means to mark the final resting place. It is a symbol of devotion. It serves as an enduring reminder of a lifetime and is a timeless expression of love. Let us help you choose carvings, shapes, colors, finishes and textures that are appropriate and commemorate the life of a loved one.
Granite color options available


Granite is found in a variety of colors and patterns. The color is dependent upon which granite quarry the stone is from. Granite quarries exist throughout the world resulting in exotic and classic colors that can be used to create unique memorials. Searcy Monument Co. carries a wide range of colors allowing our customers greater flexibility and choice.



Monuments come in a variety of polishes. These include Polish 2 which means the front and back is polished, and the sides are rocked. Polish 3 means that the front, back and top is polished, and the sides are rocked. Polish 5 means the monument is polished on all five sides.

Polish 2 Monument

Front and back is polished, sides and top are rocked.

Polish 3 Monument

Front, back and top

are polished, and the sides are rocked.

Polish 5 Monument

is polished on all five sides.

Gray and Black granite lettering options


Single Outline, Double Outline

Polished Letter in frosted panel,

Black Lith or Frosted outline

Single Outline, Double Outline

Polished Letter in frosted panel,

Gold Lith, Gold Leaf, Silver Lith

or Frosted outline

Black and Gray granite fonts and lettering styles
Know about cemetery regulations


Before designing a monument that is right for you or your loved one, it is always important to understand what regulations exist for the section of the cemetery in which the monument will be located. For example, many cemeteries have flat or bronze only sections where upright monuments cannot be erected. Still others require upright monuments to be of a certain height or thickness. Understanding cemetery regulations will help in determining the best style for you and simplify the entire design process. There are several ways to acquire this information. In most cases, your cemetery will have the regulations posted in the cemetery, at the office, or on sighs throughout the cemetery. If you are unable to find the regulations this way our staff can assist you in collecting and understanding the requirements for your cemetery.

Many cemeteries charge a variety of fees for installation of the monument, perpetual care, maintenance, and other add-on services. Some cemeteries will tell a customer that they are the only ones who can install a monument, that installation costs are part of the lot price or that since your family member is buried in our cemetery that you have to purchase your monument from them. This is ILLEGAL. Ask questions before you buy a cemetery plot and be sure you receive satisfactory answers.

Traditional Family Lots


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