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How to buy a monument.

Purchasing a monument can be an emotional process for a family, but there are some preparations that can help make it easier. When you come in for a consultation you should have basic information, such as names, birth dates, marriage date and the death date if applicable. We will need to know what cemetery it will be set in, and the grave location.

We have a large display lot with a varied inventory to choose from. We will discuss size, color, and shape choices. If we do not have the exact monument you choose on our lot, we will order it, which can affect the time it takes to complete the monument.

We will then create a layout and you can choose designs based on your loved ones memory. You can choose between favorite items such as, flowers, animals, wedding rings, religious themes, nature scenes, photos, and more. You can also add quotes, poems, scripture, or verse. The choices you have are nearly endless.

Custom sandblasted design

The approval process consists of checking the spelling and dates to assure accuracy. Once you sign that you approve, and we have the monument here, we will then put it into production. If it was ordered we will put it into production upon arrival to our shop.

It is very important to double check the spelling and make sure the dates are correct. Once the monument is complete it might be possible to make a correction, but it will always look like a correction.

We can also assist you if you prefer to call or email. It will be helpful for you to have the above information as well.

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